Why bms

The only score that measures how well an endorser matches
YOUR brand, YOUR product and YOUR marketing objectives.

BrandMatch® Score is a software based market research tool that rates the compatibility between brands and potential endorsers.

Through a detailed online discovery phase, BrandMatch Score compiles client specific endorsement criteria such as target demographics, key brand attributes, length of campaign, allocated endorser budget, requirements of the endorser, and the celebrities to be scored.

Using this brand specific information, BrandMatch Score then collects consumer insight via certified panels (survey administered by the McCormack Center for Sports Research at UMass) as well as empirical career data for each potential endorser

Through propriety algorithms a customized BrandMatch Score is then calculated in real-time for each endorser, quantifying how well each matches exclusively to a specific brand and marketing campaign.

By utilizing BrandMatch Score you are performing the ultimate due diligence. This level of customization and research data maximizes accuracy, eliminates subjectivity, creates negotiation leverage and mitigates risk from the endorser procurement process.

Don't Endorse Without It!

The Process

The 'Score'

The Benefits


  • EMPIRICALLY measures relationship of attributes & positioning
  • Rates influence through career performance & marketability
  • Quantifies alignment with business & marketing objectives
  • Maximizes campaign value & negotiation leverage
  • Utilizes real-time consumer input & statistical data
  • Eliminates subjectivity
  • Mitigates risk
  • Supports and justifies high stake decisions
  • The ultimate due diligence for lucrative marketing investments
  • identify your needs

  • formulate your strategy

  • createyour marketing

  • feature celebrity endorsers to
    enhance effectiveness